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About Us


10X ENGINEERING LLC is NI Alliance partner. We have sufficient experience and knowledge for delivering innovative complex engineering solutions for RF products (units, devices, components) quality and line testing, custom-designed ATE systems assembly, verification and development. We provide flexible, reliable and high performance innovative test stations to our worldwide customers. Our solutions cover a wide variety of industrial sectors such as:
RF automated test equipment (ATE system), Software Defined Radio, Radiolocation and spectrum monitoring, etc.
Project technical and software functional requirements clarification, RF measurement methodology selection, hardware configurations are the procedures that every received request is followed. In some cases, if needed, we take responsibility to prove a concept and demonstrate the flexibility and reliability of our solution. Provide a best service and high quality technical care to every customer is a main target of our company and to achieve it we work with certified system engineers (NI CLD - Certified LabVIEW Developer) and senior systems engineers (NI CLA - Certified LabVIEW Architect). All projects are accompanied by Our experienced project managers where the time and resource optimization is controlled.
Our mission is to give our customers a competitive benefit in the global market by contribution of innovative and comprehensive test systems.



Design, development and integration (industrial, consumer oriented) automated test system ATE for wireless products quality and line testing, modernization of existing ATE systems.


Scientific research and experimental development (R & D), Design and prototyping of custom units (blocks, devices), fixtures for signal routing and conditioning. "All hardware and software are documented in standard".


Assistance in selecting and configuring Testing system hardware for ATE development, Explanation of RF measurements, calibration and measurement methodology.


RF Training Custom courses
Lab VIEW Training Custom courses
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Our Products

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Our Team

The most important thing for our company - it's the people who create unique projects, working on the new technologies, interacting with clients. 10X Engineering experts manage, supervise and create by investing in our projects all their abilities and talent.

Special attention in our company is paid on training and certification of employees. In our company work engineers with advanced degrees, certified through international certification programs. Members of the company specialized in automation, mechanics, electronics and physics.

LabView, C ++, C #, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Altium designer, Proteus, Multisim, SolidWorks,
Russian, English, French.

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Social Responsibility

At 10X Engineering LLC, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about more than simply funding projects or causes. We invest not only money, but a great deal of time and expertise in projects that demonstrate innovative uses of technology for social good and help drive human and economic progress in underserved areas. We are ready to cooperate with the owners of any innovative ideas with no restrictions to solve your most complex engineering challenges. We are green engineering supporters and we believe in contribution of our innovative technologies for Green future.

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and our team will be happy to solve any of your complex engineering problems.
Armenia, Yerevan
Engineering City